Monday, June 29, 2009

Krusty Krabs 2 Wallpaper

SpongeBob was so excited for this moment. Mr. Krabs was having a ceremony and was going to announce who the manager for the new Krusty Krabs was going to be. SpongeBob was so sure it was gonna be him that he even went on stage after Mr. Krab already announced it was Squidward. Who would you have choose, SpongeBob or Squidward?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Drama Wallpaper

The wallpaper displays King Neptune blasting Mr. Krabs right on the buttocks. That’s because Plankton just stole King Neptune’s crown and frame Mr. Krabs! Mr. Krabs was not even given a fair trial and was immediately sentence to a lifetime in an ice popsicle. If nothing else you should dl this wallpaper for Squidward because he rules.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SpongeBob and Patrick versus Dennis Wallpaper

In this wallpaper we see Patrick and SpongeBob having a face-off against Dennis. They had a mustache face-off, sadly SpongeBob and Patrick didn't stand a chance. Maybe if SpongeBob and Patrick would of have genuine mustaches they'll put up more of a fight. But alas they didn't.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

SpongeBob Smile Wallpaper

SpongeBob gives us a huge grin in this adoring wallpaper. SpongeBob is known for his infectious and large smile and this wallpaper covers it perfectly, If you need a little yellow to brighten up your computer than save this SpongeBob wallpaper to your desktop.

SpongeBob and Patrick Hangover Wallpaper

In the movie, Mr. Krabs just opened the Krusty Krab 2 and didn’t announce who the new manager will be. SpongeBob was dreaming about being a Krusty Krab manager and when Mr. Krabs choose Squidward, SpongeBob got all depress. SpongeBob headed to the Goofy Goober with his best friend Patrick to eat ice cream and help calm his sadness. In this wallpaper we see SpongeBob and Patrick having a hangover from having one too many Goofy Goobers. I think this wallpaper is trying to tell us that we shouldn’t eat too much ice cream.

SpongeBob wallpaper

This wallpaper just has SpongeBob standing in a white background. For the fans who love SpongeBob but wants to keep their desktop clean and clear, than this SpongeBob wallpaper is right for you.

Dennis The Assassin Wallpaper

Dennis was the assassin Plankton hire to get rid of SpongeBob and Patrick while they were out trying to retrieve King Neptune’s crow. It was part of plan Z and you see Plankton reviewing it while standing on the wallpaper title. Dennis dress in biker wears; rides a mean motorcycle and has one large super impressive mustache which unfortunately you can’t witness in this wallpaper. Dennis mustache is so impressive that when Dennis had a mustache faceoff with SpongeBob and Patrick he completely put them to shame. Dennis is most known for the epic fight scene he had against SpongeBob and Patrick on top of David Hasselhoff back.

Big Evil Wallpaper

This wallpaper is when Plankton managed to control everyone using plan Z. Plankton gave everyone in Bikini Bottom free chum bucket helmets when they order from the Chum Bucket. The Chum Bucket helmet was really a mind controlling device! Plankton is standing on a pedestal laughing because Bikini Bottom is now his and he rename it Planktopolis. SpongeBob and Patrick weren’t control because they were out of Bikini Bottom trying to retrieve King Neptune’s crown to prove Mr. Krabs' innocence. Plankton manages to look both cute and menacing in this wallpaper don’t you think?

Patchy and Potty

Patchy is a live pirate host that appears sometimes in SpongeBob Squarepants. Potty is Patchy’s unloyal pet parrot. Together you can catch them doing live introduction or ending segments on SpongeBob Squarepant.

Old Man Jenkins

Old Man Jenkins is the most love senior citizen of Bikini Bottom. You can catch Old Man Jenkins in Bikini Bottom’s nursing home looking very confuse.

Squilliam Fancyson

Squidward’s arch rival. Squilliam is far more successful than Squidward. Squilliam is very wealthy, has a unibrow and looks down on Squidward for being a mere cashier.


Plankton's computer wife. She likes to scorn Plankton and make fun of him. His name is Sheldon after all.

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is a green ghost from Bikini bottom. The Flying Dutchman favorite activities are haunting old people and kids.


Pearl is Mr. Krabs’ daughter who also happens to be a whale. Pearl whines a lot about teenage girl stuff, such as boys, shoes and what to wear.

Larry the Lobster

Larry the Lobster is a bodybuilding lifeguard, who happens to be also a hit with the ladies. He once mistook SpongeBob for a lifeguard when SpongeBob had ice cream on his nose.

Mrs. Puff

Mrs. Puff is SpongeBob’s boating school instructor and Mr. Krabs’ crush. Mrs. Puff is usually stress from work because of SpongeBob and balloons into a ball because of that.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are senior citizen super heroes. Despite being old they still fight evil when justice is needed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gary the Snailfish

Gary the snailfish is SpongeBob's pet snail who happens to act very much like a cat. Gary might seem like a everyday snailfish but he’s actually a hidden genius. In Gary’s dream he’s usually in a huge library wearing a wizard hat and using very big words.

Gary best display of intelligence was the snail contest episode. They were having a best of snail award, and those with the fanciest snails win the prize. SpongeBob force Gary into many horrible clothing and accessory wear and he just couldn’t take it anymore. Gary got on the podium, gave a speech and incited all the snails to riot; some even arm themselves with pitchforks and rakes.

Sheldon J Plankton

Sheldon J Plankton is a small loud mouth, aggressive copepod who happens to want the Krabby Patty secret formula. Plankton lives with his computer wife Karen who always mocks and annoys him. Plankton runs the chum bucket where they serve crummy food that taste horrible. Plankton wants to make his food not crummy, so he’s always trying to steal the Krabby Patty formula.

Plankton has a napoleon complex which means he’s small and mean. You can’t blame the little dude though. Plankton must shout all the time and everyone always ignore him because he is so tiny. Although Plankton is exceptionally smart and posses a community college degree his plans are always foil cause he doesn’t finish them or think things all the way through. Plankton and Mr. Krabs use to be best friends and sometimes they still hang out together, doing things like playing poker.

SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob Squarepants is everyone’s favorite underwater Bikini Bottom sea sponge. SpongeBob lives in a giant pineapple under the sea with his pet snail Gary. SpongeBob two neighbors is the grumpy Squidward and Patrick his best friends. SpongeBob is a dorky sponge who always seems to get into adventure trouble and mayhem.

SpongeBob happens to get into adventures of many kinds. Whether it is safe keeping the Krabby Patty formulas from a crazy Plankton, escaping mobs of techno dancing jelly fishes to even rescuing a king’s crown. If adventure calls SpongeBob battles his enemies with the power of love, friendship and rock n’ roll. SpongeBob is a one of a kind sponge and I always look forward to watching new episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants on nickelodeon.

Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks is a Texas land breathing squirrel who also happens to live underwater in Bikini Bottom. Sandy Cheeks might look like your everyday nut munching squirrel but appearances can be deceiving because under that underwater astronaut suit is muscles of steel. Sandy Cheeks also happens to be a karate expert and scientist.

Did I mention Sandy Cheeks is a karate expert? Sandy Cheeks once had to rescue SpongeBob at Karate Island from real estate investors trying to sell SpongeBob time share condos. In her fashionable yellow jumpsuit Sandy Cheeks had to systematically destroy three bosses blocking her way toward SpongeBob. The tickler, long lips fish and dirty fish never even stood a chance. Sandy Cheeks had to face Master Udon the muscle realtor on the final floor to rescue her buddy SpongeBob. With one huge kick Sandy Cheek knocks Master Udon flying toward the ocean.

Patrick Star

Patrick Star is the biggest (and dumbest) starfish in Bikini Bottom. Patrick Star resides in his rock home near Squidward and SpongeBob’s house where he lives below it among his sand furnishing. Patrick Star is unemployed most of the time so it’s a mystery how he pays the rent. You could usually find Patrick Star hanging with his best friend SpongeBob and getting into mischief. Two of their favorite activities are jelly fishing in Bikini Bottom’s jelly fish fields and annoying their neighbor Squidward.

Despite Patrick Star stupidity SpongeBob is always for his advice. This is unfortunate because it usually ends up getting SpongeBob hurt. Patrick Star can be a smarty pants at times though. Like when SpongeBob needed help in his boating exam. SpongeBob has driving anxiety and always fail the test so Patrick Star suggests he put a radio antenna under a huge cowboy hat, Patrick Star than radio messages to SpongeBob to assist (cheat) on his exam. It worked until SpongeBob got anxious about cheating and destroyed the whole boating school, so even when Patrick Star is a smarty pants things end up in disaster.

Squidward Q. Tentacles

Squidward Q. Tentacles is a malcontent and arrogant squid. Squidward is an artist and musician and love to spend his free time in his moai home, painting and playing on the clarinet. Unfortunately for Squidward, Patrick and SpongeBob are always around to annoy him. Squidward can never have peace and quiet, which might explains why he is always so grumpy.

Don’t let Squidward arrogant side fool you. He cares about SpongeBob and crew. In the episode with the Krusty Krab pizza SpongeBob and Squidward had to travel across a whole desert to deliver pizza and when the customer wouldn’t accept the pizza and insulted SpongeBob, Squidward gave him a good whack on the face with the pizza to show whose boss.

Mr. Krabs aka Eugene H. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is the cheapest crustacean in Bikini Bottom. So cheap Krabs went and bought a krusty old boot for his daughter Pearl. When Pearl didn’t want it and went off crying, Mr. Krabs pawns it off to SpongeBob! Mr. Krabs run his fine restaurant, The Krusty Krabs with his two loyal employees, SpongeBob and Squidward. There he tries to nickel and dime all his customers and safe guard the Krabby Pattie secret formula from his arch rival Plankton.

Mr. Krabs is always scheming up new ways to make money. Mr. Krabs once tried to build a playground behind the Krusty Krab so kids would go there to buy Krabby Patties. But Mr. Krabs was too cheap to pay for real playground equipment and instead build his own rackety clank playground and Krabs decided him and SpongeBob should play the mascots. This ended in complete disaster for them, as they got beat up by muscle construction men and playground kids. Despite Krabs’ cheap exterior he does care about his employees. How else would you explain SpongeBob and Squidward living in such nice homes?


I have started this blog for fans of SpongeBob to get SpongeBob wallpapers with fun descriptions. If you love SpongeBob and the Bikini Bottom cast like Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Sandy and Squidward than this is the place for you. Sit back relax and have fun and make sure to protect the krabby patty formula from the sinister Plankton.